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Flower pressing this Spring

pressed flowers

Spring is one of the best seasons to get creative. There is more than enough inspiration that comes with the bright colours and sunlight that it is the perfect time to go out and enjoy the blossoming nature. One of the many ways to get creative is by pressing flowers. This easy activity is fun for adults and kids alike. Flower pressing is an easy way to preserve the beauty of spring in your own way and save a treasured bloom from your OUTCAN posting. 


  • Flowers or leaves 

  • Books, the heavier, the better

  • Paper towels or newspaper 

How to press flowers: 

  1. The first step is to pick flowers to press. Ensure these are in an area where flower picking is allowed, and don't take too many! 

  2. Open up your book and line it with 3-5 sheets of paper towels or newspaper 

  3. Lay the flowers down in the position that you want them to dry in 

  4. Carefully close the book, placing heavier books on top to apply even pressure 

  5. The flowers should be stored in a warm but dry place as this will help them dry faster 

  6. Check on the flowers and change the paper towels or newspaper once a day. Depending on which flower you are pressing and the conditions, it may take a while to dry completely. Drying can take a few days or up to two weeks. 

  7. Once the flowers are dried completely, carefully remove them. They will be fragile. 

What to do with pressed flowers? 

Now that the flowers are dried, what do you do with them? Many fun crafts use pressed flowers. Some examples are: 

  • Turning into bookmarks 

  • Creating cards 

  • Creating a collage of flowers 

  • Using for scrapbook decoration 

  • Putting in picture frames

The ideas above scratch just the surface of what you can do with your flowers. I have seen people make sculptures and DIY suncatchers, use their pressed flowers for jewellery and coasters, and even use them to customize a phone case. The possibilities are endless! So get creative this spring and try this easy and fun craft.

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